Add length & volume with our tape-in extensions from Great Lengths.

Who hasn’t wanted beautiful, long & voluptuous hair at one point? But, it’s a commitment! Sometimes we have to spend YEARS growing out our hair to achieve the length we want and to avoid dry, dull, damaged & frayed hair!

Achieve the length and volume in one trip to Azure Salon Spa Medispa. After your initial consultation, during which time we assess your needs and the overall health of your hair, we’ll colour match your hair & order the extensions.

Each application extension appointment depends on the thickness of your natural hair and the look you’re trying to achieve. The Great Lengths philosophy remedies those issues that arise when hair is fine or thin.  It’s as simple as a colour service in changing the way you look and feel.

About tape-in Extensions:

Using the same ethically-sourced, non-chemically treated hair Great Lengths is known for; Great Lengths Tapes give our stylists the opportunity to introduce extension services to a broader client base.

Great Lengths Tapes make getting extensions so much easier, faster and more affordable. A full head installation takes approximately 90 minutes, and better still, the hair can be re-taped and re-used numerous times!

They work by sandwiching thin strands of your hair between two separate extension pieces. The tapeline is only 3 cm. wide by 1/2 cm. deep which will give you much more natural looking extensions than any other tape on tape system on the market.

10 Pieces per package (5 Panels/Sandwiches)


  • Custom matched to your hair colour and ordered
  • Receive a complimentary cut and blend with your natural hair
  • Achieve the volume or length you’ve always wanted without the time investment
  • Over 70 hair colours to choose from, including fashion and pastels
  • Can be styled just like your natural hair with proper care

After Care & Styling

There are virtually no limits with styling and washing your hair with tape-in extensions! Blow dry, straighten, curl & wash as you normally would with your natural locks! We do have a few recommendations to help maintain the longevity of the application.

  • Before applying shampoo, always apply a little conditioner to the ends of the hair first, and then apply shampoo (this helps to avoid any tangling of the extensions).

  • Avoid applying conditioner directly to the roots/ tape.

  • After rinsing, use a soft towel to absorb the excess water. Blot firmly, never rub.

  • Carefully detangle hair with a loop brush, starting at the ends and working upward.

  • Use a low setting on all heat styling tools.


Pricing varies on specific client needs. Hair extension services requires a complimentary consultation prior to ordering.