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Can’t wait for your next brow wax? Is a Bikini or a Brazilian your favourite? Smooth underarms a priority? No problem! Now, you can have everything you want when it comes to smooth, healthy skin and strut your stuff every day, everywhere.

Save time and money when booking your favourite waxing service. Our packages are designed around some of our most popular services with a generous price savings.

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  • Purchase 5 of any wax service, & get 1 for FREE! 
  • Purchase 10 of any wax service, & get 2 for free!
  • Purchase 10 of any wax service as a first-time guest, & get 3 FREE!



Lower arm | $30
Full arm | $40
Underarm | $22
Lower leg | $40
Full leg |  $65
Bikini | $35
Brazilian | From $65
Chest | $45
Back | $45


Eyebrow | $15
Upper lip | $10
Chin | $12
Facial | $20
Brow & lip | $20